The Naked Hindu Yogis Of Kashi

Many of the Yogis of Kashi (Banaras) live naked and beg for their living. They live in dirty, unhygienic conditions, and drug addiction is rifle among them.

Our so called leaders and intellectuals have all the contributed to the superstitious beliefs and they have helped these saints to thrive and practice deceptive methods to cheat the public. It is an utter shame that among worshippers of such naked god men, there are a number of high court judges, advocates, engineers, doctors, professors, politicians, cinema actors and actresses.

For more details on these Hindu saints and Yogis, watch the documentary video - "SHOCKING ASIA" - which is available from the following addresses:

    Atlas International Film GMBH, Munich, W.Germany
    Replay Video, London, G. Britain
    Distribution First Film Organization, Hong Kong